Organizational Development Consulting

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Executive Officers, Training Department, Human Resources Officers, and Team Leaders are my usual first contacts to explore leadership and organizational change, whether in community, non-profit organizations, cultural, business entities, or educational institutions. I help empower my clients to understand their difficulties and how they function, thanks to my life experience and past work-related activities.

Telephone, website, e-mail, and person-to-person contact are the usual methods by which I would respond to questions, and interests in my becoming an external Resource to an organization.

No fees are charged for this initial consultation, and its likely conclusion results in establishing a time, date, and location for a face-to-face meeting to explore further dimensions of mutual interest for my involvement.

As follow up to this face-to-face meeting, I would typically come forward with a written proposal with initial overall goals, and specific measurable performance objectives, methods, timelines, and fees for service costs. (This “discussion document” would typically be the basis for a broader consultation with other key players, ensuring a healthy “buy-in” process for them, and to ground my own professional commitment: is there a strong basis for this Plan to be successful?) (*1 see footnote)

If the decision is to move forward together, a Contract for Service is established which specifies the mutual expectations under which I provide specific services, and the organization commits to support this work: the initial “discussion document” is typically modified becoming the Contract for Services, guiding our mutual journey, including outcome expectations, evaluation criteria, fees for service and costs, specific “boundary person, or committee” with whom I collaborate throughout the consultation.

(*1) Note: No fees are typically charged for this front end mutual evaluation process, although my expenses would usually be covered if travel and accommodations in another city, or Province are required, these arrangements in place at the outset when I agree to write the initial “discussion document”.

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