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I have primarily provided psychotherapy as my professional focus since certification in the mid-1980s. During the previous decade (the mid-1970s), I practiced as an organizational assessment and leadership consultant.

I have come to see the human journey as naturally having periods of clarity and stability, and also period of chaos and challenge. Although we also most naturally appreciate the periods of stability in our lives, this is not usually where the greatest growth, or creative instincts and motivations are kindled! And, it is often in these more turbulent stages of life, whether in individual, marital, family, cultural, ethnic group, or business, that my resources are called upon for assistance. Thanks to my extensive amount of experience and long-history in this area, I have become well known as a trusted resource.

You should therefore know that I am “transformational” in my approach, by which I mean I am not panicked by chaos, rather appreciate that it is precisely in these periods of difficulty, and challenge, where the greatest potential results can be achieved in the human journey!

Secondly, I do not believe I am more intelligent, nor more competent that you are. I clearly understand you are the one in the driver's seat of your life, whether the focus of your interests is about yourself as an individual, as a marital partner, a leader in your community, or in your business.

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My Qualifications

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Hobbies & Other Background Information

I encourage you to learn more about me by reading the following points concerning what I enjoy in my spare time:

  • 27 years strongly married with Dianne

  • Small group of male friends

  • Special time with now adult, married children, as well as stepchildren, grandchildren and step-grandchildren in all three Prairie Provinces

  • Sailing

  • Family time with brothers, sisters and their partners

  • Gardening and landscaping

  • Traveling

  • Continuing education studies

  • Reading

  • Movies

  • Home renovations (seven times over!)

  • Internet "Googling"!

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