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Counselling Services in Brandon, Manitoba

This is the tried and true method of psychotherapy that most people are somewhat familiar with, even if they have never been to see a therapist. The core process is the sharing by the client(s) of the difficulty they are experiencing in their daily life (called the presenting problem), as well as the therapist listening actively and empathetically to their narrative. A trusting work relationship is created over time, the problem(s) are diagnosed, a treatment plan, and process is evolved, and weekly 50 minute hour psychotherapy is conducted.

How It Works

The nonjudgmental presence of the therapist facilitates a permission in the client(s) to openly explore the questions, concerns, psychological wounding, addictive behaviors, troubling, guilt or shame scenes, or whatever the issue, in the client’s experience.

Depending on the nature and scope of the presenting problem, and the internal resilient strengths of the client, a wide range of theory based methods are employed by the therapist. At their core, treatment modalities embody unconditional respect and positive regard for the wellbeing of the client’s life, their being fully empowered to choose the treatment objectives and methods suggested by the therapist, including any known risks.

My Approach

I strongly emphasize “unconditional self-responsibility” as the model whereby most clients successfully establish a healthier, more satisfying daily life. This process highlights the need for the client to make self-responsible choices to live their lives on purpose(s) that soundly fits their personal, core familial, and value orientations. In short, this process encourages, challenges, and supports the client’s living more honestly, with more personal integrity, courage, and passion in their daily life!

Counselling at this level often results in the client(s) coming to deeply understand what has unconsciously driven their attitudes and behavior choices, reclaiming parts of them long abandoned, or taken over by others, or refusing to carry projections others have placed upon them, and which have undermined their best efforts in life. It can also include healing betrayal in their lives, often resolving protracted, and unresolved relational grief and sorrow.

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