Individual Counselling Sessions in Brandon, Manitoba

Individual Counselling

Establish deep sense of rapport with the individual, and follow up to the initial over-the- phone brief consultation, providing a safe space for the individual to clarify, and share both the nature of the issue(s) that brought them to therapy, as well as their vision of what resolution of the issue(s) would look like for them.

In this relational exchange process, the client experiences the therapist’s full presence, their being heard fully, giving them permission to establish a sense of trust, and hope that issue resolution will bring about a transformational, and self-empowering process within the individual. This phase of the journey will generally include a full history of the individual’s life, from growing up in their family-of-origin, work/career, and relational/ marital experience, wherever these relate to the client’s presenting issue.

Many clients on entering counselling, have for many months, and oftentimes for years, been plagued with the negative impact of their presenting issue in their daily lives, and will have attempted personal resolution of their issue, without, or with only partial success. Any client learnings and lessons gained as to what works, or doesn’t work for the client are reviewed and noted to enhance and focus the current counselling relationship on what works best for this individual.

A treatment plan is then crafted, in full consultation between the client and the therapist, including the stated outcome objectives, and that will guide both the client, and the therapist in their face-to-face consultation sessions, and client take-home assignments.

Oftentimes, individual counselling will expand to include key others in the client's life, as associated with the initial presenting issue. This could include life partners, and family members, primary medical, and/or healthcare people with whom the client associates, or with whom they need to consult. If formal medical or health issues are present with the client, and where prescriptive medications are in use, a consultative partnership with the client’s doctor may be established.

Depending on the nature of the client’s presenting issue, formalized psychological testing may be warranted, and established by the psychotherapist.

Ongoing verbal feedback is shared between the client and therapist, keeping the treatment process directly focused upon the mutually agreed upon psychotherapy outcome objectives.

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