Counselling for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

I am available to assist individuals, families and groups with the troubles and issues they face in life. I am able to accomplish this using Talk/Dialogue Therapy or Energy Psychology (which allows patients to achieve great things in a short amount of time), depending on the needs and circumstances of my patients.

Establishing a Treatment Schedule

Telephone, e-mail or person-to-person contact are the methods by which I would respond to your interest, and after discussion, either:

  1. Enter into establishing a contract to provide counselling with you,
  2. Provide a referral to another resource, if I, or my associates, are not the best fit for your specific needs

No Fees for Initial Consultation

There are no fees associated with this initial consultation time together, nor will I initiate counselling (the professional consultation for change) until we have established a mutually agreed upon contract between us, which includes:

The initial diagnosis, and objectives for counselling, including who will be attending (a detailed treatment plan to be tabled by session three)

  1. The date, time of session, and office location being used
  2. The session fee for service (usually for 50 minutes of counselling, longer in group work), and agreed method of payment, plus my provision of a signed numbered receipt upon your session payment
  3. And the mutually binding 24-hour cancellation policy

Long-Distance Counselling Available

Due to the effectiveness of telephone consultations (and often with email support), and the sometimes challenge of geographical distances making person-to-person work impossible, I will on occasion enter into long-distance counselling arrangements. Such an arrangement would need to be established as a contract in advance of the work, or in support of ongoing face-to-face service. (Telephone work is most effective when we have met face-to-face, and a working relationship has already been established between us!)

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